Cuyahoga valley national park

This park is GORGEOUS! Tons of fun thigs to do including hiking, biking, kayaking, a scenic train ride, farmer’s market on Saturdays (during summer and fall), so much to do and see! There is a fee for the train ride and if you purchase goods at the farmer’s market, otherwise everything is free! You can get a map at the visitor’s center and explore. This is a wonderful and magical place to spend time in nature.This National Park is vast with many, many trails that are well laid out & easy to navigate. There are a lot of hotels within 10 min drive from the park too. There are woodlands, wetlands, waterfalls & wildlife in the park! There is the Cuyahoga Valley Railroad that runs a two hour trip through the park!

Ohio caverns

Ohio Caverns is an underground wonder-land waiting to be explored, and you can’t miss this adventure if you come to Ohio. Located beneath the scenic farmlands of Ohio, these caverns offer a jaw-dropping journey. There’s ancient glacier markings and some of the biggest calcite pieces you’ll ever see. Very well informed guides that know the entire history of the cave. Cave is kept very nice and we’ll maintained because of the strict no touching and bringing garbage down policy. The tour is of decent length. The navigation of the tour is not hard or difficult. There’s a part in the cave where you can drink the water! Lastly, their gift shop is very nice and the entire area surrounding the place is pretty.

Ohio State house

Ready to dive into the cool vibes of Ohio’s past and present? The Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus is not just a building; it’s a living story of Ohio’s history and political game-changers. The Ohio state house is a really great place to visit. We recommend it to you if you want to learn about Ohio history or just want to see a beautiful place over all. A couple of facts you can learn are there were 8 former presidents of United States who were born in Ohio. The tour guides are very nice and will tell you lots of facts. The outside is also gorgeous it is a nice place to walk around when waiting, there are war letters you can read outside when you wait as well. It is definitely worth a try.

Cedar point

Cedar Point, it’s not a stereotypical Amusement parks, it’s better! So many rides for all ages and even for those with physical disabilities. The wait time is less. Cedar Point has an app which is very useful where one can see wait times and closures of rides in real time, as long as one is in the park. We highly recommend downloading the app, it helps not just for the rides but also to store tickets and one’s parking location. Lockers are available to rent and leave one’s belongings, but each ride has a storage bin and one can leave one’s things there while riding and they are fine.There are also all day dining options, at that point one can eat every 90 minutes. The drink special is definitely worth it as one has to stay hydrated. The price of the ticket is definitely worth it and if one lives nearby, get a season pass!

Columbus zoo and aquarium

Get ready for a wild adventure at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio! The diversity of animals and their well-maintained habitats will leave you in awe. From majestic big cats to playful penguins, it’s a dream place for animal enthusiasts. The staff’s here have good knowledge and passion shone through in their interactions, making it an enriching experience for all ages. A must-visit in the state and and anyone coming to Ohio. Exhibits are greate. You can actually walk inside the kangaroo exhibit. The Manatee exhibit is pretty cool.They have a carousel for the kids. There is a boat ride that takes you through a few exhibits. It is a short ride but a great way to relax for few minutes. There is a food court also. You can save some money by buying a yearly zoo pass, which includes parking.

Hocking hill state park

Get ready for a super cool adventure at Hocking Hills State Park! It’s like stepping into a magical forest where everything is green, and huge rocks. Breathtaking park with beautiful, long trails. One whole day you can spend here and will not be enough to cover everything. Best time to be see the various natural attractions is near mid-day. The old man cave trail is wonderful with various falls, caves, scenes and stones.

Ohio history center

The Ohio History Center in Columbus is like a super cool time machine, and it’s waiting for you to hop on board! From the time of the Native American tribes to when everything went industrial, it’s like you’re stepping right into history books. This center has almost all the exhibits featuring in and around the Ohio State.The exhibits range from wild life, fossils and native Americans from the era prior to the pioneers settlement to the industrial era after the settlement. Also, there’s elaborate displays of Ohio’s significant involvement in various wars in past.The exhibits are arranged in various zones in a chronological manner according to time period. They’re well arranged.The center is located in a spacious area with enough car parking and easily approachable road.

Inniswood metro gardens

If you’re looking for a super cool place to visit, Inniswood Metro Gardens in Westerville, Ohio, is the spot. From the chill Japanese Garden to the super cool Herb Garden, there’s something awesome everywhere you look. It’s a very lovely garden featuring lots of flowers. Very peaceful. The walkways are wide. Very family friendly. Many families with newborns, elderly people and a preschool field trip visit this place!! Very well maintained and the staffs there are nice. Restrooms are available on site as well. Car parking area also available.

Ohio bird sanctuary

If you love birds and nature, you’ve gotta check out the Ohio Bird Sanctuary in Mansfield. It’s like a super awesome hangout spot for birds of all kinds! It’s like a bird paradise. All of the birds are native to Ohio, and sanctuary authority specialize in rehabilitation of birds of prey. They have a song bird area too with some very friendly birds you can feed. A beautiful hiking trail to view the wild birds and other wildlife. There are park benches scattered throughout the sanctuary and there is also benches inside the aviary. There are trails nearby for walkers or hikers, no charge for the trails. Great place to spend a few hours.

Rocky River Reservation

Get ready for an outdoor adventure at the Rocky River Reservation in Ohio. Imagine exploring lush forests with super cool trails alongside the scenic Rocky River.Beautiful trails and well maintained area. The visitors center is both informative and give you an appreciation of all of the wild life surrounding. Also, the amount of trails at this reservations is unbelievable. You can get lost here for hours. Lots of parking space available as well as washroom facilities throughout the reservation for your convenience. The Fort Hill steps are popular and photographed often, and always worth a visit. Great place to bike, walk the dog. There are areas along the river where you can fish. Highly suggest to enjoy during the fall when all the leaves are changing.

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